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The Digit-BioTech Knowledge Hub is designed as a digital library providing access to frequently uploaded resources including case studies, research articles and databases in the field of green biotechnology and ICT. The hub`s main purpose is to support the Digit-BioTech target users in acquiring a deeper understanding about the major innovative use of ICT in Biotechnology and enhancing their motivation and career development through finding applications for what they have learned in the Digit-BioTech training programme.

Application of Biotechnology

Learn a relevant Information about the major innovative applications of ICT in Biotechnology

Links to selected case studies /major EU Biotech Organizations, Institutes, Companies, and Industry Alliances

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Biotechnology and Science

Learn a relevant information about the latest Biotech news 

Links to Biotech scientific journals, articles, reports, reviews and books / major online biological databases

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Biotechnology Branches

Learn a relevant information about the different branches of Biotechnology (white, red, green, blue, etc..), their application and major advantages.

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