Learning Area

Digit-BioTech Learning Area encompasses various b-learning opportunities designed for the project target groups – academic / research professionals (PhD – EQF8), and students (MSc – EQF7 and BSc – EQF6). Using LOs from the Digit-BioTech curriculum two types of trainings are designed: postgraduate qualification courses for trainees holding BSc, MSc or PhD degree, as well as a one-year MSc Degree Programme “Green Biotechnology and ICT”. In compliance with the Education 4.0 concept focused on infiltration of technology into educational process, relevant 3D educational images, PPTs and videos are provided for the key training topics. Blended learning approach is applied giving opportunities for personalized training and selection of the most appropriate way of knowledge gaining. All training materials are available as on-line lectures, off-line textbooks (pdf format) and downloadable CDs.